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How do I find specific paper topics on this site?
1Stop-Paper-Site.Com offers TWO different ways to look through our enormous database of papers. The most commonly used method is "searching by keyword." To perform a keyword search, simply type one or more words that describe your topic into the box above. If your topic is broad and you would prefer to search through our papers by subject category, use the "categories" button to your left. Whichever you choose, you are sure to find at least one paper suited to help YOU with your research TODAY!!! 

But what if I can't find a paper pertinent to my subject?
We can still help! Use the "
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How do I use a paper that I purchase?
If you are having difficulty finding research & material to support your thesis, this site can serve as the assistance that you need! By downloading any of the 50,000 + examples of papers posted at
, students can read through a plethora of scholarly research & critical information to cite within the body of their own papers. For those who are unsure about how to create, posit, or support their own thesis statement, our papers serve as excellent examples from which students can learn and be tutored. We believe that learning by example is one of the best ways students can come to understand research methods and topics. Stop struggling and get the help you need:
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What exactly is one "page" of text?
In the internet age, a "page" can be defined in many different ways depending on text style and other formatting issues. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction, and in doing so, we have created clear, specific guidelines for what constitutes one "page" of text. Since all papers are sold on a per page basis, such a definition is required for our sales process. Each page of every paper will contain approximately 225 words of text using the standard Courier New 12pt font and regular 2.0 line spacing. We never practice any font inflation or re-pagination techniques. We have been in business since 1994 and believe in the long-term value of integrity and not in the short earned dollar.  

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